Thread: Turn Based Stradegy System Methods

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    Turn Based Stradegy System Methods

    have made a blog in my blog and my myspace blog on all them methods.

    I find the A* Algorithm easier.

    I went on google and found the methods.

    It shows by text and pictures on how to do it.

    Three methods on my blog!


    Youc an see everything on that link even my blog if you scroll down.

    All methods used for C++

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    Quote Originally Posted by Your MySpace Page
    This blog is set to private. This user must add you as a friend to see his/her blog.
    Nice job there. What is the point of this thread? All I can see in the blog is a redirection to the old GameDev A* tutorial. And how is it this a "turn-based strategy system method"? Its just a path finding routine - you can't make an entire strategy system from just that.

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    Thread closed. Looks like a spam post. If this is due to a misunderstanding or incorrect link, the OP can contact the moderators about re-opening the thread.

    Until then it's closed. I'm not deleting it just in case this is a legit thread.

    Thread re-opened.
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