Thread: what libs should i use for 3D for platform indpendet

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    what libs should i use for 3D for platform indpendet

    [newb alert]

    sorry if this is a non clever or to lame question but still ...
    as a second year projrect in (Software Engeenering) i need to create a 3d game (client server and my own engeine ).

    after reading few manuals i guess i should openGL and not Direct3D since it won't be platform independent.

    i belive that i use the wrong term since what i need is that the precompiled code should be the same not as in java ..

    since i don't know both OpenGl and DirectX i will start learning now.

    but for now my question is what libs should i use (expect GL and SDL) that will allow me to work both on linux and Windows (to run and compile).
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    OpenGL seems like a good answer, given your list of platforms.
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    OpenGL used with SDL is the is choice I recommend. SDL is pretty easy to pick up assuming you have C++ knowledge and OpenGL is not too bad. You could probably get the gist of it within a matter of hours.

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    thnx for the quick answare..

    Iam familear witch C/C++

    I prefer to use the term familear and not know becouse of the next reason.
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