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    data making.....

    Hi I want to know how I could make a data system for a game.

    For Example....

    let's say I made a 3d house , I want to make an ID number for that house so my script could tell what 3d model or what kind of house it is.

    and I want to randomly generate of how many people lives in that house, once the script generated that number it then picks depending on that amount it generated for it it randomly said 5 people that number would be stored in memory, and then next step is to generate a ramdom 3d human model once seleted then save those in memory and then select 2 cars or so and generate an reasonable income...

    How would I start making such a structure....???

    and how can I create my own animation and script it and play the animation at certian times or conditions?

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    Are you planning on using C or C++? Do you actually have any experience with programming in those languages? Even if you do, 3D graphics is not simple.

    Or do you just want to take an existing game engine and use some sort of scripting language to create the house etc?

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    well I know c++ and c-script, I never made a program, I plan on using a 3d engine, just for 3d graphics. I want to learn on in games how to make a logic system and data structure, that uses 3d models and it's animation in a controled way.

    and how to make or generate a randome number.

    I have just made calculators that's really it, I do have a book on making a 3d game engine.

    and books on computer hardware and software at the basic low level, the insides.

    like logic gates ect.

    for me it sound's hard to just start I mean if I can look at some code or someone give me an example or explainantion on what I would need to know to make an overall data system that I can use for the whole game.

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    Well considering your post just covered about 20,000 lines of code it's really not all that simple.

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