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    How are you able to make your own file extensions, like compressing them? I need to make my own 3D model and textures. I'm thinking of making my textures .tga, and my models .3ds, but I want to compress them from there on.

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    I don't quite understand what you want to do....

    if you want to make your own "file extension"...which I think you mean "file type", then you just define it either on paper or in your head, and then you do it.

    For example, if I want to define a file type called the "DTP" file type, and I want the DTP file type to hold pixel data in my own special way, then I would so something like this:

    void WritePixelData ( void )
    	ofstream output; ( "myfile.dtp" );
    	output << pixeldata;
    	output << whatever_i_want;
    If you want to compress files...use something like WinZip or WinRar...or whatever tool you can use to compress and archive a file.
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    I think he means he wants to compress his pixel data in some proprietary format, but since he didnt specify, Ill just answer the questions he DID ask.

    How are you able to make your own file extensions, like compressing them?
    No, not like compressing them, like putting a custom extension on the file.

    Then to compress them you use a compression algorithm like huffman

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