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    Talking Guess my Number game! check it out

    Hello guys please admin don't remove this tread it's my first post and I wanted to share my little game! this is a guess game as you can see the picture below attached the source downside used Visual C++ 2005 to compile the code, the game is simple there is a number between 1-99 that should be guessed, I used C but the source extension is cpp because i have faced a compiling trouble with Visual C++ 8 and I don't know why it didn't compile when I have changed the extension to c rather than cpp.

    features: when the player type a guess more or less than the number by 10
    there will be hint tells him how far he is from the right guess, pretty simple
    examine the source and tell me if you think something could have been done
    in a better way, good luck

    OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x64 (Doesn't matter just use 32bit XP or Vista)
    Compiler: Visual C++ 2005 SP1
    Library: no graphics library
    Description: Number Guessing Game
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    cool! I had to change scanf_s to scanf though.

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