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    placing bitmap.

    Hi all;

    behind my menu in my game i have a bitmap that fills the entire screen. anyway after some trial and error i found the right numbers for the glRasterPos2f() function. however i was hoping for a quick lession on how this function sets the position of the bitmap because i would like to understand that. to set my bitmap to the lower left i had to use glRasterPos2f(-1.0f, -4.5f); which seems wierd to me.

    Thanks heaps.
    arrh, i got nothing good to say.

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    It is weird. You need to understand the difference between "local" and "global" coordinate systems.

    Normally in your window, you're working with local coordinates. If however, you need to position something on the background screen, you need to convert to global coordinates and then do the work.

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    you're pretty don't need all that crap. Why don't you just make a really big picture? I do that. It works!

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    why are you getting so angry... anyway that does not seem the most efficent way to do things. also bitmap images have to be to the power of two. I know not always but in this case they do. so 512 by 512, or 1024 by 1024, either way it has to be placed correctly and sized to fit the screen. which will be my next question, wouldnt your way course problems on diffrent machines.

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