Thread: Shininess lighting GLUT OpenGL

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    Shininess lighting GLUT OpenGL

    Hi peeps,

    Ive drawn shapes using GL_QUADS and TRAINGLE_FAN. Its my 3d checkers game. The whole game is completed and i just want to add shininess to the game to make it look more realistic. Ive seen so many examples and i just cant get it to work. I've got rid of my lighting setup completely and i was hoping someone could help me through the setup of of the light and shininess. Im using c++ and OpenGL with GLUT. If any one would like to see the source code i will send it thru on request.

    I have a main.cpp where my GL environment is setup. I draw the shapes in Square.cpp and Draught.cpp but call the draw methods elsewhere. If anyone could help it would be great.


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    You should look into normals. Basically normals are vectors that allow light to realistically interact with a particular shape.

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