I decided to start porting Clockwork to Java. Mainly because i'm quite sick of .NET, and I want better cross-platform ability. Mono is nice, but it's still not developed enough for what I need it for.

Here's an early shot of the port so far.

This time 'round I've decided to add a proper theme engine. Not a really complex one, but enough to allow me to change/add themes easily. I've also ditched the old blue theme, and went with a glassy white(ish) theme for the default.

This is also my first experience with Java. So far I quite like it. For GUI development, I like Swing way more than Windows Forms so far. And I haven't had the redraw issues I had with tabbed 3D like I did with Win Forms.

I haven't gotten to plugging in the engine DLL yet, which is why it's only rendering a triangle on the screen.