Thread: Re-code a dizzy clone

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    Re-code a dizzy clone

    I know Dizzy was coded in assembely Language on the amstrad when I had it, but id love to write a clone of it in my own time. My one question is this:

    Is it possible to re-write a dizzy game clone in C or C++?

    I know the graphics used back then were very basic, green, red, blue and yellow was the limit for the game I think. I am writing some notes at the moment on my plans and ideas. but I thought to myself can this really be re-written a higher level language?

    Thanks for any replys guys
    Double Helix STL

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    Today's PC are what - 1000x more powerful than an 8 bit amstrad?

    Yeah, I'd say it was possible.
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    Definitly possible. Let me know if you do it.

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