Thread: Best Graphics Library for 2d RTS?

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    Best Graphics Library for 2d RTS?

    I'm hoping to make a 2d RTS in C++. I have done a lot of mud programming in the past and quite a bit of modding to Enemy Territory recently, but I don't know much about graphics.
    I'm trying to find the best graphics library/engine/whateveryouwanttocallit for drawing 2d images (with transparency) on a 2d background. Everything would be 2d, and it would be cool if I could use tga images. Looking around, I seem to be finding the OpenGL would be best for this. Am I correct in this guesstimate?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with.

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    Using a 3D library for 2D games is the way to go these days. For a nice freeware lib, check out yagl. It's no longer developed (the guy's still looking for someone to take it over) but it's a really nice, powerful, and compact all-in-one gaming-type lib for 2D games.
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    OpenGL or DirectX, the choice between these two has caused many flames and holy wars, I know a man who lost an arm!(j/k)

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    I'd suggest either a 3D engine like OpenGL or a 2D library like the SDL.

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    OpenGL isn't a 3D engine, it's a graphics library, hence the name, OpenGL-OpenGraphicsLibrary

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