Thread: Sleep hiccuping

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    Sleep hiccuping

    I have a directx and I am doing a crube fps limiter using Sleep. Before I use Sleep I use timeBeginPeriod(1) to make Sleep prcise to about 1ms. Everything works fine and it limits nearly perfectly except for occasional hiccups.

    I am just wondering if anyone else experienced this problem or has any fixes.

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    fix: don't use sleep...

    Just keep track of the elapsed time and only call the render function if the desired amount has passed.

    long diff = time() - oldTime;
    oldTime = time();
    if (diff > desiredTime) {

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    Well the point of Sleep is to keep the cpu usage low. I know your all gonna say it doesn't matter but it does to me. And why not use Sleep when it produces virtualy exactly as I want, except for this weird hiccup, and if I fix this hiccup problem this method that I am using will be perfect (and accurate to 0.01 seconds with very low CPU usage).

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    What do you mean by a hiccup? A temporary lack in accuracy? I've never had a problem with Sleep although I don't watch it too closely.
    Don't quote me on that... ...seriously

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    Ok I have figured out that the hiccup has to do with timeBeginPeriod(1). If I don't use that than it goes away.

    By hiccup I mean a pause for 500ms or more. But without timeBeginPeriod(1) the method is still very accurate and with no hiccups. I havn't tested on any other windows besides xp though.

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