Thread: Help to write a simple game

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    Help to write a simple game

    Hi to all.....
    Im a new person the side of gaming programs(still i've not written any).
    But im very much intrested in writting one.
    Please hellp me in this.
    first of all can you please tell me which is best and simple to write small 2D games like snake,

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    I'd have to say it'd probably be a lot easier to try Java instead of C or C++, even though there are awesome libraries in C++ for that kind of stuff (Allegro, SDL). Nothing wrong with C, it's just that Java is a higher level language, and it simplifies a lot of things. I mean, it's got 2D and even 3D graphics built in.
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    I would recommend the SDL:

    But you need to do some simple command-line programming before you attempt graphics.

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