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    Anders Sundman

    Question directX linking problem


    I'm having major trouble linking a small verry basic (my first) directx windows program.

    The program compiles fine but when I try to link in a directX .lib-file things just won't work. I'm using several funcioncalls to various directx functions from d3d8.h but the linker only complains about one: "Direct3DCreate8" (possibly because it's the first?) I get: "Unresolved external Direct3DCreate8 referenced from my.obj file".
    It seems to me that the d3d8.lib file (that is suposed to include this function) doesn't get linked in as it should?

    I'm writing the program in Bordland 5.01 IDE using directX 8.1 sdk. Perhaps this is a compiler specific question and shouldn't be posted here but who am I to know?
    I would realy need some help..


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    somewhere in Borland (i cant remember where), there is a list of libs included. Make sure to add the DX libs to that list. Its not just in the same spot as MSVC's list...i dunno where it might be in the project window....

    This error can also happen sometimes if you are compiling new code, but the compiler feels like being stupid and using old .obj files.....i hate it when that happens...but since ur compiling for the 1st time that shouldnt be a problem.
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    Thanx for the reply, but it seemed I was trying to use MS libraries on my Borland compiler.. But I have fixed it now and it's running like a dream..

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