hiya ive been thinking of making a game but ive had trouble but now im evan more confused.
i found a game engie and its open source and can be used by anyone for anything it can do.

the trouble is i never really made anything and i havent got a 3d model making program or anything that makes textures or meshes (if i sound like i dont know what im going on about then your right)

i can make wireframe models and have done before to make quake 2 models and such but i had milkshake on a 30 day trial and thats finished but i can always re-download it i suppose?

anyway enough babble i was just looking for some advice to see whever this game engine would make life easyer to make a game with, than using directx or opengl with the normal windows programming parts?(again im just sotra guessing here and might be talking gibberish)

i want to start with a graphicly simple tetris type of game and then maybe try a slightly 3d tetris game would using this game engine be the easiest way or would it be better to start everything from scratch and never using somebody elses game engine?

also one day i would like to make a mmorpg i know this is a pipe dream but you gotta start somewhere.

so any advice really or recomendations would be very apreciated and i thank you all in advance.

another thing which would really help me is a list of the way to make the game?
i mean like:
1, draw all graphics and animations(if any)
2, create some sort of physics so that things have wieght and gravity
3,make the game loop which ties all of the above together

as you can see i havent put enough thought into this but would appretiate how you would approach making a new game (i mean after you have designed every single event and decided what classes and functions to use)

thank you very much in advance and yes i know i dont ask for much thanks for ya time