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    Question Pivot Stickman bitmaps

    i was hoping to try and make a pivot stickman type program but i have no clue in how to make the saved file, i think it works by taking all the bitmaps and then putting them into one file but i have no clue on how to do that i no how to get all the other things like the user interface and the bitmap creation but i just cant get the saving thing to work

    If you dnt no wat pivot stickman is heres a link to download

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    I'd help you, but I've no idea what you want. For the love of God, man, please at least use some punctuation if you're going to spit in the face of grammar, spelling, and correct capitalization.

    If you want to know (not "no" which is actually the english word for denial) about file I/O, try looking up iostream in your help files or on google. That should take you down the path of learning I assume you're on.

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