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    Tonto's pong game

    Game posted in the 'Games' sticky - see this post.

    The *.tar.gz file seems to be corrupt so no source code from that avenue. The sourceforge site seemed pretty slow for me but oddly enough the svn repositiory was quick and reliable.

    There's no, for example, 'readme' with the source code regarding required dependencies, nor does this information appear in the sourceforge project pages. Since you asked about this matter in your game post I'd suggest that all you need to provide here is information: third party libs used, where to get them and what version(s) you used; any special compiler settings should probably be included, too.

    ~14MB for pong is a little on the rich side, although I accept you've put a few sound files in the executable's resource section.

    There doesn't appear to be any information with the executable - how to start/stop, movement keys, only the F1 and F2 options seem to be mentioned in-game . Also, the resolution selection dialog is okay for someone who knows what those numbers mean but without some sort of labelling someone who doesn't is probably going to be somewhat confused(some sort of 'safe' low resolution default option might be useful). I didn't find the grey text on black very readable either. Nor was I particularly impressed with the rude message when I selected 'cancel', but each to their own.

    I was able to quit the game using the 'escape' key but, although it seemed to quit, the process was still running - and consuming 99% cpu according to task manager. The same seems to be true for 'alt+f4' so I'd suggest that you take a look at your shutdown code.

    There seems to be a glitch with the paddle/bat hit detection where occasionally the paddle/bat and ball will merge.

    Other than those few points, it worked well at the resolutions I tried and looked suitably monochrome and pongy.
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    Love the comments, thanks.

    - I am unsure, I had never tried *.tar.gz archives before, but my procedure was: tar'ed with 7zip, gzip'ed with GNU gzip. I can read the archives with 7zip.

    - I have created a minimal README addressing these issues. Available now.

    - Almost 12 / 14 MB of the data are resources. So yeah, I'm gonna find a way to turn down the bitrate on these mp3's or something.

    - Added an instruction menu.

    - There is a definite bug trying to close the application during game play, particularly while a sound is playing. I am working to resolve it. I will also try to publish my known bugs, it's good info to know.

    - Did away with that mean zombie code in after the dialog

    - I have heard about the ball getting caught inside the paddle thing. I have had it occur a few times, and am trying to find out under what conditions it happens. I also do not deal with top of the paddle in regular pong well at all.

    - I definitely went for the scalableness to make it as monochromatic and pongy as possible. It's also fun making the window all small and playing mini.

    Again, thanks.

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