Thread: Anyone using XML?

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    Anyone using XML?

    I've been won over by this article:

    He presents a couple of good use cases. I definately going to make use of it, just wondering if anyone else has and has anything to say (pros / cons etc).
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    I'm currently using xml to handle data in my engine, but it's up in the python layer. I changed to it from flat name = value text files because as my game logic became more complicated it became necessary to have the ability to have multiple definitions of the same type in a file.
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    I think XML is appropriate only in web (because it's syntax almost is like HTML). You can use all the other types of databases in programming, why XML?

    This is one of my thoughts, which are unacceptable to people who are just used to do things like the other people do.

    Edit: You'll probably answer it's good to hold multi-layered data, which is true...
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    Civ 4 uses lots of XML. I have no idea what for, though.
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    >I think XML is appropriate only in web (because it's syntax almost is like HTML)

    Huh? Just because it looks like HTML doesn't mean it's just for the web. Markup languages are for representing data, they can be used in (and are used in) many different domains.

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    Property sheets and other data are all handled by XML in MSVS 2005, AFAIK.
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