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    Game States

    Hi, I've been wondering I know that games are all about states right? So if there're states in a game and substates in each state, which is better, make 'em in a class or only in an enumeration?

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    What is really better is that you drop this states idea. Where did you get that!?

    Please explain yourself better.
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    I think he may be talking about a 'finite state machine.' It's a construct used for organizing AI. Basically, the bot AI transitions from one state to another based on existing conditions in the world and how it 'feels' (internal biases and preferences).

    I have my AI setup to handle instructions, which is similar to a finite state machine, in that it has to transition from one instruction to another. You can make instructions be very high level or very low level. An example of a high level instruction could be 'go to next waypoint.' An example of a low level instruction could be 'disable internal state number five.'

    So yeah, do an internet search for finite state machine.
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    Well, I don't know the correct term of it. I just call them states. For instance: In my game I used this states in it:
    1. Attract screen / Opening
    2. Main Menu
    3. Main Game

    And in the Main Game itself there's substates such as:
    1. Data Input Screen
    2. Check Data Screen
    3. Data Manipulation
    4. Show Result Screen

    BTW, my game is like a horoscope thingy.

    In my games I placed them in an enumeration. So in the parts of the games (e.g. Event Handlers), I switched this enumeration like this:

    switch (mGameStates)
      case ATTRACT:
      case MAIN_MENU:
      case MAIN_GAME:
    That's what I did. But I've seen someone created a class to accomodate this. So what I wanted to ask was is it better to make it a simple enumeration or a class?


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    You could have a class that manages some function pointers that do certain things depending on the state of the game instead of checking for all of them.

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    Covers this topic more or less (though brief, it hopefully gets the point across).

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    Search for the "Stack Method". It will be used to manage the gamestates.

    This thread may be of interest:

    Also, your switch-case method (as it's called) is a perfect method for small projects.
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    Thank you for all the replies.

    >>Also, your switch-case method (as it's called) is a perfect method for small projects.
    Yeah, I thought so too at first, but eventually my project became a monster and I've lost track of the state management. It evolved into a lot of lines in each case of the switch.

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    That's why classes are invented in first place. To simplify the code, and design.
    So use a class.
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