Thread: 2d Tiles Tutorial?

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    2d Tiles Tutorial?

    Ok, I've managed to create some games in basic console windows, and know some semi-advanced OpenGL, but another approach seems to be 2d Tiles.

    Does anybody know any tutorials that explain how to make tile-based stuff ? Cause OpenGL and DirectX do not seem to be able to do this >_>

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    I'm quite sure the best known API's are capable of doing an easy task. Try
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    For 2D using opengl you want to look into glOrtho. There is also a tutorial at that shows how to setup OpenGL for 2D.

    Check this post out aswell: its directX but the theory or the principle is the same for OpenGL.
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    >>and know some semi-advanced OpenGL

    Then you should know about using an orthographic view, how to draw quads, how to load textures. And depending on the types of games you have done already, boundary checking should be easy enough too.

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    And, "no" DirectX and OpenGL do not specifically support 2D tiles or anything for that matter. It's up to you the programmer to put all of the tools these API's give to you into your engine to perform different tasks. The less specific an API is, the more robust.

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