Thread: How do you all feel about a possible e-book on OpenGL in 2D?

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    pwns nooblars
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    I would be interested in reading it since I don't have any books on OpenGL (and my only 2d/3d programming books are for DX7 and DX8). Dxfoo, I would recommend against using any old APIs though. It is horribly discouraging to use old APIs. I am not an OpenGL nut or anything, but perhaps there is a middle ground between GLUT and SDL?

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    I feel that GLUT is more than enough for someone to learn OpenGL with. I don't believe the transition to SDL would be tough, if someone is so inclined. Anyone who uses SDL should be able to follow along since we're really just using 12 functions of GLUT. And believe me, that's all we need! If I hear any API replies again I'm using Win32 since that's usually all I ever use anyway. In fact, I think SDL people need to explore the wonders of the Win32 API for most professional games.

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