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How do you use libraries with languages? If they are compatible with the language do you just "#include" it?
Usually, a library has 2 parts: the header which names all the functions, which you #include, and a dynamically (or sometimes statically) linked file. To compile this, you must configure your compiler to add the library to the list of DLLs (on Windows). Also, the user who runs the program must have the DLL installed (but not the header file), if it's a dynamic library.
And must you learn the commands of the library once you include it? I was never clear what exactly libraries are. So they are pre-made functions that you can include?
and you can only include a certain library if it is compatible with the language you are using correct???
Yes again. Libraries are also usually platform specific, and hardware specific. Which means that multiplatform libraries like OpenGL have different versions that you can download for different hardware and operating systems.