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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Arkadon
    is the wrangler similar to ?

    it seems to me that way on first glance.
    Yes, it seems to be basically the same as the GLsdk referenced on that page.

    Quote Originally Posted by psychopath
    As in a library that actually implements the OpenGL 2.0 spec?
    Exactly. You're looking in the wrong place. Look for the opengl32.dll that is installed in your Windows system directory.

    opengl32.lib is OpenGL 1.1, and I have yet to run into any lib that is OpenGL 2.0.
    That's just the import library that MS provides for their own OpenGL DLL. Yes, as far as I'm aware, there's no import library for OpenGL 2.0. That's what the extension wrangler is for.
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