Thread: glut - keyboard/mouse-func question

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    glut - keyboard/mouse-func question

    is there a way to query the key state using glut?

    there are 2 functions for setting a handler for keyboard events
    /glutKeyboardFunc and glutKeyboardUpFunc). so as long as the window has the focus, for every keydown event i get a key up event. but if the window loses the focus (e.g. on my system if i simply move the mouse cursor out of the window) i do not get a key up event if there has been a previously key down event.

    edit: and i guess the same happens to mouse events

    should i use sdl instead?
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    I don't know of a way. I use GLUT for my OpenGL prototypes, but I'm going to use SDL for my main game.
    should i use sdl instead?
    I think you should; GLUT is actually quite limited -- more high-level and easy-to-use, but not that flexible.

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