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    Box Game

    hey guyz !! im new to this forum ....and to game programming also .... jus now i've started thinking of a game which everyone might have played .....i' ll describe u the game .....and plz suggest me the code part .... here it is !!

    A square( say 20*20) is there and two of its diagnols r there and another two lines from the center of one parallel side of the square to the other
    only two players can play the game. Each player has three objects. If one of the player's three objects come in a straight line(may be diagnol or line from the center of one parallel side of the square to the other, any straight line ... ) then the game will be completed.

    HOPE EVERYBODY GOT ME!!!! waiting 4 ur reply!!

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    I hope you're planning to make it a text-based game... it would be a tall order for you to do that with OpenGL or DirectX. Also, I'm hoping you already know how to program in C/C++, or else you will need to go back and learn that before you start this.

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