Thread: how to add features to a game?

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    how to add features to a game?

    If anyone can please tell, I need a little info on addons and patches.

    suppose that you want to add some extra features to your favorite directx based game. patches normally published by original developers but I know that some games allow talented players to write and add mods to the original game. what information exactly you should learn to do this? (a little bit detailed please: not like "you should know c# and directx")
    thanks for all answers from now.

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    It all depends on the game. In many cases the gamedeveloper will release a mod SDK, which will allow you to customize and add features to the game.
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    Games also tend to have files that act as modules for different kinds of games. For instance, games like Quake will have a module for each map, each type of game, etc... it's really a matter of either writing one of those in a manner that the game could parse it, or copying an existing one, decompiling it, changing whatever values you wish and recompiling it.
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    What can I say.... Sly and Shakti have pretty much covered it. In any case, use Google to find out how to mod a particular game.

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    Most game developers today release SDK's which allow the manipulation of game code or adding of models, textures, maps, etc. Games that use the Unreal Engine are usually modded by use of UnrealScripts which are similar to that of a Java/C++ mixture. Unreal does not allow the use of native code, since the engine is written in C++. Half-Life 2 is one of the most popular modding scenes. However, Valve pretty much gives you access to everything! This engine does not use scripts like Unreal, but uses the actual native code (C++) which the users can change (and add/remove). This is why Source (Valve's engine) is so popular. Knowledge of DirectX is NOT needed, but knowledge of OOP (Object-Oriented) is a definite!

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    Are you asking how to write mods for games or how to write a game that supports modding?

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