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    .Net vs VS 6

    guys, a simple question... I've heard that the .NET c++/cli aplications have a 10-20% performance loss, over the old c++ coding.... is this real??? if it is, industry knowdays use old style or new .net for game programming???

    thanks in advance, good coding for you all

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    Yes, there is potential for performance loss due to the JIT compilation, however the amount is arguable. I doubt it's as high as 20%.

    Most of the industry uses native C++ for game programming. It won't be a while untill you see much movement to .NET or C# for game programming (probably when the slowdown due to JIT becomes completely transparent).

    That being said, I use .NET in game-related programming. I say game-related, because i'm not programming a game, i'm programming game-creation tools, and require .NET for the interface. I haven't had much trouble.

    If you're real serious about the speed, but still want to use .NET, you can run NGen (google it) on the application to force it to native code. I've heard this is still slow due to some overhead in the conversion, but you'll have to research that yourself, since I don't really know.
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    Games are pushing the envelope as it stands now and any slowdown with the current demands games place on the system would be a totally unacceptable slowdown. You will see C/C++ being used for games for quite some time.

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