Thread: need function help, passing arguments

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    actually, it would be ["pD3DXMtrlBuffer" + g] not pD3DXMtrlBuffer[g] in Actionscript. Tried it in C++, but it didn't like it. Oh well.

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    Got a link for you:

    What you're trying to do right now is taking a PHD when you've just quit kindergarden... No offense...

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    insulting, yes, however I'm more of a learn-as-I-go person. I've taken a C++ course in college, so I know the basics. I just have a hard time putting some of them to use. I'm slow at programming. I want to learn DirectX though. It's extremely difficult to find good tutorials online, so I am left with experimenting on my own. I bought a book that had examples on a CD. I learned what I could from it. I learned how to load an object. Loading two objects though? It didn't go over that. I could duplicate the code to load two objects in, but that's repetative when you have 100 objects to load in a video game level. So I'm trying to rewrite the code in a for loop to accomodate multiple objects. Yes, I know it's way over my head, but I'm no scripty-kiddy. I analyze every peice of code I write. This is the only way for me to learn as I see it. At least I have halfway decent ideas to solve my code. I'm trying. Dealing with hard code is the best way to learn fast I think. You learn a lot quick.

    Anyway, continuing on with the topic, I have since learned that you cannot create variables during runtime. So the way I wanted to do it will not work. The work-around is to not have different variable names with increasing numbers at the end (ie: myVar0, myVar1, etc) and try to target them with things like [myVar + g] in a FOR loop. Rather, I will create the array myVar[2] and then I can go myVar[g] to target myVar[0] and myVar[1]

    This is the route I will go.

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    Well, I finally completed the code. It works now. I'm officially exhuasted.

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