Thread: Problem with SDL

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    Problem with SDL

    Its causing me memory leaks. In lines 13-40. I have no idea whats causing this so I would like someone to look at it for me.

    Thanks allready in advance.

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    > char *convert = (char*)malloc(10);
    > delete convert;
    1. Make your mind up as to whether this is C or C++.
    Use malloc + free or new + delete.
    Never mix the two.

    In particular, if you do
    char *convert = new char[10];
    Then you MUST do
    delete [ ] convert; // Yes, the [ ] are important.

    Also, 10 characters is woefully inadequate
    > sprintf(convert, "Damage %d-%d", player_mindamage, player_maxdamage);
    The fixed characters account for 8 chars, and then allowing for the \0, leaves only ONE char for BOTH integers.
    Instant buffer overflow.

    You may as well just declare
    char convert[100];
    and save yourself a whole bunch of memory management problems.
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