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    Question Cross Platform Question

    I was wondering what Program Language can be use to build a cross-platform code for Unix32/64 and Win32/Win64. I want my game to be fully compatible even if I have to start with C or a lower level language.

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    C or C++ will do what you so desire. I think Java will as well.

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    Question Limitations?

    Do you know of a way to get a list of those languages limitations? And thank you. I am a programming noob. Are you working on a video game?

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    For C/C++, your limits go beyond the best commercial video games you can think of, right now.
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    C/C++ is not the easiest language to learn, however, it is the most rewarding. You will get speed that no other language can give (other than assembly and machine code), which is perfect for writing games. Also, please note that you should use a portable graphics library for writing your games. If you write C++ games in DirectX, the graphics will be limited to Windows. OpenGL is a better alternative, because it runs on so many systems. Also note that DirectX and OpenGL are free.

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