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    you might be confusing vector with vertex, which is a point.

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    I knew I could find somebody who uses vectors
    as points.

    I'm not saying a point is a vector. You can take Euclid's definition for a point.

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    For the purpose of game development discussions, a point is the same in any n-space.

    It is a coordinate on one or more planes to define a specific location in space. Whether you are on a single plane (linear) which is a line, or 2D (2 planes), or 3D (3 planes), etc.

    A vector is a measure of direction (as referenced from 0) and magnitude. Again, this applies in any number of planes.

    Many people confuse points and vectors because the look so similar. The difference is in the way each is related to 0 (zero).

    And for game development discussions, these are the only ways in which these two are discussed, usually in conjunction with the unit circle.


    In fact, in many game engines, like Quake for example, Points and Vectors are synonymous because the points are vertexes for walls, but are translated from global to local space and then used as vectors for such things as telling what side of a wall (plane) you are on, etc.


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