Thread: DirectX version issues

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    DirectX version issues

    The new updates to DirectX are out. However, I've noticed that DirectShow is only available in the DX9SDK and not in any of the December 2005, April 2005, or June 2006 releases.

    Does this mean I have to use both include paths in my compiler or should I install the new June 2006 in the same folder as the DX9 SDK that contains DirectShow?

    We are depending on DirectShow to play movies for our game and so my code must link with the DX9 libraries and use the correct headers. DShow.h is not in my recent DX folder.

    I have 2 folders.

    April 2006 DX9 SDK - I'm assuming this is an update only
    Full DX9 SDK - I'm assuming this is the big boy and holds everything
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    According to the Wikipedia article on DirectShow.

    As of April 2005, DirectShow was removed from DirectX and moved to the Microsoft Platform SDK instead.

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