Thread: calling OpenGL methods from outside the main class

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    calling OpenGL methods from outside the main class


    I'm new to both C++ and OpenGL. (Kind of dumb to try and learn them both at the same time, but meh, it keeps me interested.) Anyway I should ask about this, since I'm probably misunderstanding something fundamental, what actually happens when you call an OpenGL method from another class?

    I'm trying to make a simple game structure. I've made a class I've just called 'World'. I construct a world object and pass it the information it needs to load a level. They I call various methods which get it to load in what it needs, which eventually will be textures and models and whatnot. For the moment all it does is build a single display list which is stored as a member field. My draw method back in the main code then calls glCallList on the field in my World object .

    The problem is that the display list isn't drawn. When I copy the list building method back into my main file it works fine. I'm not sure what's going on here.

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    You can call OpenGL-function from any class and function. OpenGL will keep track of the states you have set and such. Now I dont think its a good thing at all, actually its a very bad thing, to learn opengl and c++ at the same time. It will just get too much for you, and you wont understand things fully.
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    Thanks for the reply Shakti. (There was in fact just something wrong with the way I made the display list in the World class, so now it's all fixed.)

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