Thread: Starting 2D Game Programming...

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    Starting 2D Game Programming...

    Hello all, i wanted to try to start programming some basic 2D games.

    I have a couple questions...

    Which API should i use? Direct3D, OpenGL, GDI... ?

    Secondly, does anyone have any good BASIC tutorials that can get me started or books that are really good?

    I know a little Win32 API and can get a window setup and all. Ill review my giant Win32 book again but i think that aspect isnt too bad. I just dont know how and where to start so any suggestions would be awesome!

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    Sorry wrong forum, perhaps a Mod could move it? Thanks and sorry
    "Anyone can aspire to greatness if they try hard enough."
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    Allegro is a simple choice if you want to begin with that.

    THere are some decent tutorials at
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    SDL is what I learned first, it makes it rather easy to start doing basic game programming.

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    DirectX or OpenGL.

    Not Allegro, and not SDL. They are good for easing development of the final product, but they are not good for teaching core fundamentals.

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    Even though my engine is using SDL (wouldn't be *that* hard to change it, I guess) I agree with Bubba. Be smart and use DirectX or OpenGL. That way, when you're ready to make the move to 3D you'll already be familiar with at least the basics of either of the good API's.

    'Course there's not much wrong with SDL unless you're looking for "special effects" which can be painfully slow, especially if there's lots of them in one scene.

    BASIC tutorials? Hmm.
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    For OpenGL (what I've been developing my render engine in), I learned from
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    If you have the money, check out the Beginning OpenGL Game Development book. And then when you get good at it, the more advanced book.

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    Allegro is good for a quick turn around but I program for fun not for money so quick gratifaction is good for me but I guess its not for everyone...

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