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    First major program in C

    Hey yo!

    I made this program in regular C language. It's just a text adventure on a console interface with some color . You can select your class, race, ect and fight. It is actually far from complete, and I won't work in this project ever again, for I have better ideas now, and I want to map once again now. This project was actually for a school project, but I now post it here to see what you think. I know, there are some problem with it, there are interruptions in-game that tell you what isn't finished ect.. that I added in.

    I know the game isn't nessarily balanced or fair as magic can be overpowerring and other things. Anyway toward the end of this project I wasn't as serious so started the rush, which caused me to add jokes . Anyway, there is some sound effects when you shoot your guns on your turn ect. The sounds are very familar . I suggest hard difficutly level, and still isn't hard enough if you know what you're doing and choose good skills.

    Anyway have fun, I guess, but remember it's my first C project, and I'm noob. I know the menu's loop if you spam, but I didn't get around to going to fix it...

    Some screens:

    there will be the CosmosII folder, you must do this in order for the sound to play.
    DL LINK:


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    Thats COOL! I just looked at the screenies, I'll try it out tonight
    Sometimes I forget what I am doing when I enter a room, actually, quite often.

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