Thread: C++ only goes so far...

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    C++ only goes so far...

    Ok so i didn't know where to make this thread, and this looked like an ok place for it.

    so lets say that i have a bunch of C++ code, but i'm sick and tired of command promt, and want some graphics. now i don't want a windows window like you can get with a template in, but like a full screen app. i don't want it to be platform specific repsonce, or a responce for linux and windows would be nice.

    i know that to a certain extent i can do most things in C++, but what should i use to make menues and the such? should i pick up a basic or visual basic book or something?

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    I think what C++ lacks is the ability to make me a cup of coffee.

    A library like wxWidgets enables you to create GUI applications that aren't platform specific.
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    You could also, to some extent, use OpenGL and GLUT. Or why not implement your own GUI system in OpenGL (this is very advanced though if your going trying to make it good).
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    I believe OpenGUI is the cross platform mechanism for creating useful GUIs
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