Thread: omg i need help using c++ to make a game

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    dude start small ok? i know it seems like a stupid thing but its to teach you logic and other fundamentals. i mean tic tac toe teaches you the logic behind an AI and how it can be totally based off of simple or even complexed math. as you make these games you will see that things that you see online or on a console is complex and simple in alot of ways because of how they work. just stay calm just learn or ask someone who might no.

    ps. im working on my tic tac toe and the ai is freakin hard to fix right now. im still trying to figure it out how to make it pick the right moves to win. if you want a test sample of either my v.8 or v.9 game then tell me and i'll post it or email it to you. im actually here today to see if i can find any material that could help me. v.9 is actually a working multiplayer game but it has a couple of bugs in it.

    well back to what i was saying just keep looking at the tutorials and if one of them confuses you i will read it for you and translate it to something abit easier to understand if i can.

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    We are not discouraging you. Moreso we are encouraging you by giving you ideas for small projects that won't discourage you to the point of completely quitting.

    Those who know how to code here are not jerks, but they do realize that you must learn to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. Any other order will give you a very bad experience with C/C++ and game programming.

    They see you as a person who is about to walk off the edge of a huge cliff and they are just saying, 'stop'. They would be jerks and 'not nice' if they just let you walk right off of it now wouldn't they?

    So go code and crash it about a million times. AKA: Learn.
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    how is this thread still alive

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    >>im actually here today to see if i can find any material that could help me

    What a coincidence - last night I also started my work on my first tictactoe game and am now in the point of adding AI.

    I actually found this thread posted a couple millions years ago
    and gonna try this myself

    edit: Yea I managed to get it done. I can probably help you out if youre stuck.
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