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    Talking I am the putpixel King!

    Well, at a friend's suggestion, I decided to program my first game, snakey. Included are the source and executable. The executable expects to be passed the speed of the snake as a command line argument (smaller is faster). Apple size is is hardcoded, but it's a macro, same with the borders. A speed of about 10 is comfortable, but it's still playable at 1.

    Something I didn't bother to mess with is that the program will quit if you get your snake 1024 segments long (queue overflow). Still, I think it's safe to call that 'winning', instead of 'bug', don't you? Game only runs in 320x200, just aborts if it finds that isn't supported (I don't see how that could happen).

    EDIT: A link to the zip would probably be a good idea, no?
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    Nice job! The link doesn't work like that though, you gotta go to then click on
    Allegro precompiled Installer for Dev-C++, MSVC, and Borland:

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    lol i could imagine...

    "Congratulations! SIGSEGV..."

    i'll check it out!
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