Thread: Dev-C++ Compatible Model Loading(OpenGL)

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    Dev-C++ Compatible Model Loading(OpenGL)

    A while back I created a game engine that utilizes OpenGL and I was planning on adding on a model loading system. This game engine I wrote was using Dev-C++, if you didn't know . I've searched and found code snippets and such that load MD2 models(I don't care what type of model) BUT most of these snippets used GLUT. I even have an OpenGL book that uses GLUT in the process of loading models but as I've heard(from somewhere so I may be incorrect on this) GLUT is obsolete. Either way, I tried using GLUT with Dev and they didn't play well with each other. So my question to you, is what's the easiest way to load a model in OpenGL using methods compatible with Dev-C++? Thanks again.
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    The original GLUT is getting old, but open-source (up-to-date) GLUT clones such as FreeGLUT and OpenGLUT, are not obsolete by any means.

    Loading a model, however, does not have anything to do with GLUT. GLUT is just used for windowing. There are plenty of tutorials out there on MD2 and MD3 loading. NeHe has an excellent tutorial on loading MS3D (MilkShape3D) models as well.
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    spacesimulator also has an easy to read 3ds loader.
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