Thread: [Text Engine] - Already defined?

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    [Text Engine] - Already defined?

    For the last few days, I've been throwing together some kind of text-engine for Windows/Unix.

    It's far from finished, however, when I try to compile a test build of the thing, I get the following:

    d:\C++\Vacuus_Beta\engine_int.h(13) : error C2084: function 'int ReturnRand_InRange(int,int)' already has a body
            d:\C++\Vacuus_Beta\engine_int.h(12) : see previous definition of 'ReturnRand_InRange'
    This thing has me stumped. I previously had the the ReturnRand_InRange function within the engine.h file, but moved it to engine_int.h when I started getting "already defined" errors (including engine.h in engine_movement.h).

    I done a "search in files" thing, which returned several results - the others being commented out.

    The source can be found at:

    Oh, and I'm running VC++ .NET (2002)


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    You need to stop your header files from being included more then once. Place this at the top of each of your header files (changing the name to the name of the header)
    #ifndef ENGINE_INT_H
    #define ENGINE_INT_H
    And at the end of the header file

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    You also need to stop putting code in header files.

    That is, unless your code is
    - a template, which needs to be instantiated with whatever types at the point of use
    - an inline function which needs expanding at the point of reference
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    Thanks for your help, Quantum1024.

    Also, Salem, remember this is only a test version - I fully intend on cleaning up the source later on.

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