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    Lightbulb READ THIS! (Great Project)

    Hello all, I am working on an RTS Engine for a game creator system, its allready more than 1\2 done! If anyone is interested you can read the Manual/Tech Doc (16 pages) at this adress:

    click: AquaTech Software (bottom)
    then wait for the robot thing to load, and press enter.
    then click "Manual / Tech Doc".

    And it will download or pop up in your browser, it is realyl worth reading...

    I would love to have people in the following positions:

    1.) Artist (For the samples)
    2.) Someone to make API DLLs for Direct3d, maybe even a software renderer? (Could port the Quake2 one)
    3.) Someone interested in working on the Level Editor (ItsDavidP is allready on that, but im sure help would be appriciated!)
    4.) Website designer? (I am too lazy to do this!)
    5.) Optimization (For the end, or for code allready finished)

    I am allready more than 1\2 done with the engine, so I don't need much help with that, if anyone has other ideas they would like porting it to other OS's or something, all are welcome!


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    sounds like you've left many time consuming parts in the half that's left, but good luck.

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    Lightbulb Not really...

    The first half included the engine itself and its supporting API stuff... This next half it lighter work, just makking listbox windows and such. I can do it myself, it will just be hard, and a good oppurtunity is allways good for someone. If your interested just email me or reply!


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