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    just starting

    ok so I wrote my first game, its a minature golf game. Not very good but my first attempt at gaming and just started programming. anyway I wrote it in Dev and now do not know how to turn my code into something like a desktop icon so that when I click on it the game starts and I dont have to run it through Dev all the time. Please help and be specific, remembering I am very new to this.

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    What do you mean by Dev? The Dev-CPP IDE?

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    compile it? You can do that by pressing the F9 key in Dev C++, after that find the directory where the source is, copy the *.exe file on your desktop, and you can run it from there.
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    Make sure you don't forget to move any external bitmaps and sounds when you move the executable, if there are any that didn't get compiled as a resource, and if you're using working directories (most people do).

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