Thread: Zelda clone almost done - but stuck

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    Zelda clone almost done - but stuck

    I have finished my Zelda clone, but I have one problem...

    It has no music! I have downloaded some zelda -like sounding MIDI files and they sound pretty cool. But the one thing my Game programming book did not teach me is how to make the game Engine read the midi music.

    I think I create a sound class and then use pointers, but thats a guess. I even tried emailing the author of the book for help but he hasnt got back to me for a week now, I really want to finish this game cause it looks really good.

    Do you know of any links for this, as I have googled but cannot find anything past console programs... Please help!

    PS: I will post the finished game on the post your games here
    board when it;s done!

    PPS: I had to make a top down one, as I heard a NASTY rumor that Nintendo will not let you create a 3d one

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    You're creating a Zelda clone too? Meh.
    For my next (well, first) masterpiece I'm going to use FMOD. I've used it before and it's fairly easy to program and the docs are... nice.

    Good luck.
    Oh, are you posting up the first release here?
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    Yes I am, I intend to post it here for active feed back - critisism, things I could of done better, use of layout ect.. will post when I get the misic to work!

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    We are actively working on a Zelda clone trilogy. If you would like to assist with the programs, let me know. Currently we only have 2 programmers and we need more.

    I'm quite interested to see what you have come up with.

    So far I've coded an engine with 3 different tiling algos as well as a complete editor in MFC along with our own script system developed by Shakti, a board member here.

    For music you can fire off DirectShow and pass it the hwnd of your game window. It will auto-stream MP3's for you.

    Also DirectMusic can play MIDI files.
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