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    Roguelike Resources

    I've been wanting to begin development on a Roguelike class game, because they're relatively easy to start but very difficult to master.

    It will help my programming if I am able to design a game that may require regular updates for new features.

    The only resource I have come across has been the QHack template.

    This is very difficult to understand as it's just a random stream of .cpp and .h files, it uses a conio.h file that has features not found in DevC++'s version.

    So basically, can anyone point me in the direction of some resources that can be of any help to me?

    Platform: Windows XP SP3 (I think they released 3 now, and I've always got auto updates on)
    Development: DevC++
    Design with: Windows features in mind, with the possibility of being able to port over to Linux/Mac in the future when my programming knowledge and understanding improves.

    Thankyou in advance for any assistance. I will try and reply prompty to any queries.

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    Well. Not looking at the files provided by that I am just guessing that it is framework made for rouge-like games. You don't need that you can just make your own stuff. When working on a game of any sort planning is a very crucial element you can just sit down and write a game but you will end up kicking yourself when all of a sudden you have coded yourself in a corner because you didn't plan stuff out. Other than that just brainstorm all the ideas you have for the game write them down and figure out what fits and start coding based on your ideas.

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    I would never use a game creation system to make your own game. Roll your own code and you'll thank yourself later.

    No one system can possibly address every issue you may come across or new feature you want to implement. You will always end up at a dead end, unless, of course you are using Source, RenderWare, etc, etc. But I doubt any of us can afford those.

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    I had a fiddle with GameMaker a while back. It was nice to use with a useful scripting language and everything but wasn't that rewarding. After the first hour or so I had a scrolling shooter (1945 style) and was pleased that I had done it but not too pleased that I hadn't, if you know what I mean.
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