Thread: Boss health bar depletion

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    Boss health bar depletion

    Hi, I have created a boss health bar for my game, I can make the numbers reduce when it takes damage, but I do not know how
    to make the bar it's self string. A visual example of what I mean is here:

    boss full hp

    BOSS 100%[**********]  // can take 10 hits
    now player hits boss 5 times

    BOSS 50%[*****     ]   // depelete visual bar and number
    All I am trying to do is make the visual bar deplete., like in metroid prime!! (cool game!) If any one knows of a way to do this or any tutorials I cant find would be greatful! thankx

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    make a 100% string and use substr() to cout less *.
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    float GetHealthCoef(float Max,float Cur)
      return Cur/Max;
    void DrawHealthBar(int x,int y,int maxlength,float health,float maxhealth)
      float coef=GetHealthCoef(health,maxhealth);
      int x2=x+maxlength;
      int barlength=x+coef*(x2-x);
      for (int i=x;i<barlength;i++)
         //Draw health graphic at i,y

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