Thread: How to handle the creation of interiors

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    How to handle the creation of interiors

    Okay, so we have walls, polygons witha texture...

    floors and ceilings, same thing...

    Doors, walls with holes in them, and a door geometry? + texture..

    Stairs... Lots of squares? a 3d model? ???

    Thats all I got...

    The question is, how am I supposed to like, not create these with long sessions of creating polygons and texturing them?

    Or is an interior just one big 3d model?

    Like, how do I create rooms and hallways and such, without um...

    Doing alot of work? lol...

    And hopefully not having to do alot of work to make it so I don't have to do alot of work... like creating an editor, that is defeating the purpose!

    Course that may be my only option :\...
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    Unless you want to make all your levels as one giant in a 3d modeler (which is horribly inefficeint for rendering and creating), you're going to have to make an editor (or import levels from an editor like Q3Radiant, which is actually frairly simple to do).
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