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    Rendering into multiple windows

    For my editor I'm wanting to render a main view and then some simple tile selection views. The tile selections will be part of a CPropertyPage in MFC that has a CWnd with a IDirect3DSwapChain9 interface pointer in it.

    For each window do I have to CreateAdditionalSwapChain() and then call IDirect3DSwapChain9::Present() for each window?

    In essence my render would look like this in CEditor3D, which is the main class where everything happens.

    CEditorView::OnDraw() calls virtual CEditor3D::Render() which looks like this:

    void CEditor3D::Render(float fTimeDelta)
      //Render main view using D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS
         m_pDevice->Clear(0,0,D3DCLEAR_TARGET | D3DCLEAR_ZBUFFER,0,1.0f,0);
      //Render all windows
    for (unsigned int i=0;i<m_vWindowList.size();i++)
         m_pDevice->Clear(0,0,D3DCLEAR_TARGET | D3DCLEAR_ZBUFFER,0,1.0f,0);
    Is this the correct way?

    This is confusing but there isn't any message loop for the Direct3D window. When I initialize my Direct3D I specify that it is windowed and that it does not need to create a window. It just uses the one I supply. So essentially it's just a render window with no associated message loop. The message loop is inside of MFC's doc/view architecture and inside of that I can fire off a thread that is solely responsible for calling CEditor3D::Render().
    But for now it's only updated when MFC calls CView::OnDraw() which works just fine.

    For those of you who know what I'm talking about...does this seem like a logical way to render to multiple MFC windows (CPropertyPages) as well as one main CView?

    This is an SDI app.
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    I've never used MFC, but that's basically how I do it. I only call GetBackBuffer once though (or when the window is resized so it has to be reset). Also, you may need a separate Z-buffer for each swap chain using CreateDepthStencilSurface() and SetDepthStencilSurface(), I got some might odd bugs when using the same for all my windows.

    Oh, and I usually use an invisible dummy window as the main render target so all my windows use the same swap-chaining code. Not an elegant solution perhaps, but it works...

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