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    Ok i am writing a scripting language for my game engine and was wondering the extent on what a scripting language is supposed to allow the scripter to do in terms of stuff like loading a level, creating objects, placing objects, interfacing classes that need scripted flexability like AI, ect.

    Whould this be an appropriate description of some one scripting a particular level.

    -load level with file name
    -create all the objects
    -place all objects
    -add level specific logic

    and of couse other things would already be scripted like AI and absolute game logic befor this example would take place

    thanks for the input

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    As much or as little as you want.

    But the more stuff you add, the harder you make it for someone to script a level, but for those that can manage it, they can create a richer customisation.

    The ultimate case being you give them access to every interface of your game engine and let them get to it!
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    Adding to what Salem said: Don't make it to complex. It is a scripting language after all. If you impliment so many features in the scripting language, you may find it to be a bottlneck, or even require that your scripts actually compile into some sort of byte code (ala Java) and run it on a virtual machine.

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