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    Talking Windows question (NOT MS)

    Hello everyone;

    I am new to OpenGL and I just wanted to ask a couple of questions about manipulating windows.

    Firstly; if I create two windows and move the current one around then the current one will create a "skid mark" of itself. How can I move the window(s) around cleanly?

    Secondly; I want my program to be in full screen mode when it starts up. How can I do that?
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    background updates---

    When you move any shape around, the normal way things are updated behind the moving object is by copying the pixmap of the background before moving the window that is in front.

    Then while the window moves around, the background pixmap is redrawn whereever the window last was.

    Of course there is clipping, so things are faster (only redrawing what is necessary).

    fullscreen mode--

    read the FAQ

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    Ask doubleanti about the dirty rectangles code. That method would help a lot in this case. Using it you would only update the portion of the screen that needed it.

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