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    beach bar (sims type game)

    Hi all,
    For a university project I've decided to design a beach bar game that has a isometric sims type feel to it. Below is a list of ideas/proposals I've managed to come up with. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve or elaborate on any of the point listed, please drop a message, all feedback is appreciate, thanks!



    Set in tropical paradise beach resort, user competes with computer (or another
    networked pc) to see who can dominate beach resort.

    Play against computer or vs. second player over Wan/Lan
    Set amount of cash to play with.
    Successful content milestones creating revenue for more expansion options
    Beach screen split into two zones with drag n drop components sitting on the edge of
    the screen
    (Hotel rooms could be built above with furniture. guests create income etc)


    bar staff
    bar manager
    cocktail waitress
    tiny tot

    More staff = better service but more resources

    Bar items:

    Bar strip
    Bar corner
    Beer taps
    Cocktail bar
    Bar stool
    Bar table and chair
    D.J booth
    Beach items:
    Deck chair
    Beach chair/tables
    Beach bar

    Computer builds rival bar adjacent to players

    Time passes causes day/night cycles. Random elements will include police raids.
    storms. hot weather(affects beach populations)
    Player can import mp3 collection for music.

    The goal

    What is the game trying to achieve- beach domination

    Types of reward:

    More elaborate beach building options
    Animated cut scenes to mark player attaining certain landmarks.
    Side games could include disco dancer where player has to press buttons in time with
    screen requests

    Milestone 1

    Objectives: Opens basic beach bar

    Build bar building
    Furnish with:

    1 bar
    1 kitchen
    5 chair and table sets (indoor)
    3 chair and table sets (outdoor)
    3 sunloungers

    1 manager
    1 chef
    3 bar staff
    1 cleaner

    Enables :
    Dance floor (d.j. dependency)
    Cocktail bar (needs bar and cocktail waitress)
    Bouncers, cocktail waitress

    Milestone 2

    Objectives: Opens disco beachbeach bar

    Build bar building
    Furnish with:

    1 bar
    1 kitchen
    1 disco dancefloor
    1 dj booth
    1 cocktail bar
    1 P.A system
    3 Lights
    5 chair and table sets (indoor)
    3 chair and table sets (outdoor)
    3 sun-loungers

    1 manager
    2 assistant managers
    1 promoter
    2 cocktail waitress
    2 chef
    3 bar staff
    2 cleaner
    3 bouncers

    Game Play ideas.

    Character choices either play as male or female.
    Start Game hardness levels.
    The game could start with a choice of different hardness levels these should include a beginners level.

    Beginning of the game

    Beginners level.

    Here the player will be slowly introduced into the game with a help guide to reinforce the knowledge that they already know from other similar style sim and war craft type games.
    The object here is to allow the beginner to brush up on many of the operations that player will have previously learned but may of forgot, this allows the player to progress in the game easily for the first level before new objects are interjected into the game play.

    If the game play is to hard the player will quickly loose any passion for the game.

    A gentle introduction could start with the game play centred on a beach bum who is a bit down on his luck due to too much parting on the island paradise that he has spent the last 2 years of there life on since graduating from university.

    Game training could involve navigating the character around the beach with simple point and click movement much like the command and conquer movement interface teaching the player movement rules to the player. Various locals would also be placed on the beach going about there daily routines like fisher men, boat taxi drivers, sunbathers etc. as the character approaches these people he can interact with them via button presses producing speech bubbles which contain captions of information for the user.
    After receiving various scathing remarks from the tourists and locals i.e go away tramp, I have no spare change, no drugs available here & get a job, our character has a moment of clarity were he sees himself in the same light as other people see him, he then decides to change his ways and look for a job.

    After asking the various locals on the beach for employment he is finally directed towards a local independent beach bar were the owner decides to employ him on a trail basis for 1 week.
    The bar is a bit of a ramshackle enterprise were the owner is just about scratching a living (this due to a rival more funkier bar on the same beach) but the promise of free rent above the bar and a basic wage are enough to clinch the deal.
    Here the player will learn the basics of the bar game from being a waiter to pouring and mixing various cocktails for the locals and the tourists.

    After the week is up the player should have learned the basics of the game, to keep the operation of the bar and business above water and into a break even or profitable operation.

    From here we learn that the bar owner has to travel over sea’s to visit a sick relative and will be gone for an unknown amount of time, leaving the bar in the hands of our character, he also learns that the bar may have to sold on his return to the island if the owners relative dies while he is away.

    Note. A gauge in the corner of the screen with the vital health signs of the ill relative could fluctuate in accordance with the health of the business.

    Intermediate or Advanced Introduction.

    The intermediate or advanced level could start with the user being left in charge of the bar and progresses from were the beginner level outline stopped.

    When the game starts properly the character could have an epiphany were he decides to put his university years of tourism and business management degree to good use to secure his and the bars future, or else its back to England to work in the families fish factory.

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    May I just add, for this project there will be no programming involved at all. It's strictly paper based, all theory, we dont need to worry about implementing any of these ideas with any coding language. So all I'm really looking for is any new ideas, or an expansion on any of the things I listed. Thanks, much appreciation to anyone who replies.

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