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    Code Warrior IDE

    I have heard mixed reviews about using this for game programing. Some say it is good others say it is bad. I read in one of my Nintendo Mags that game companies use Code Warrior to create high profile games like Mario and Final Fantasy.

    Is there any truth in this? Am I still ok to use MSVC++ or should I look into getting code warrior?


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    Isn't Code Warrior just for non pc systems?

    Regarless, MSVC++ is not still ok. Just get the free Microsoft 2005 IDE. I used MSVC for a long time, and ugprading to something newer turned out to help in alot of ways

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    Codewarrior originates on Mac, I believe there was a Windows version too at some point.
    Metroworks at this stage lists only versions for Mac, some game consoles, and other embedded systems (which versions probably run on Windows or Mac and produce crosscompiled code).

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    Codewarrior is dying out on the Mac too, because Apple's Xcode is just as good and it's free. I've never run into limitations using it.

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